What is Nomad Mage?

Nomad MageNomad Mage is a group of PHP developers from around the world that gather on-line monthly to learn.

Each month at Nomad Mage we have the best speakers from around the Magento world come and talk to us about programming. At each meeting, you get a great presentation, and a lively discussion with the speaker both during the talk and afterwards in the chat room.


Meetings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of each month* at 20:00 Central US time (Chicago).

Participate live or off-line

In case you can’t make the live meeting, everybody gets a link to download the video recording of the meeting. This allows those who aren’t available at meeting time to still have the opportunity to learn. Also those who attended the live meeting can get a refresher course by viewing the video later.

Magento developers can pick and choose meetings to attend by purchasing individual tickets, or insure they never miss a meeting by becoming a subscriber. We also offer a team subscription for those forward-thinking companies who realize the importance of installing a habit of continuous learning in their teams.

Why subscribe?

You can either keep learning or you can become a paper wight. Our industry is constantly moving forward and you have to keep up. We scour the Magento world looking for the best speakers and the most important talks, and we bring them to you each month. Nomad Mage gives you the chance to not only watch, but ask questions, pick the speaker’s brain, actually interact with them.

The Boring Stuff

Nomad Mage is one of a number of projects built by E.I.C.C., Inc. which help developers create a “habit of continuous learning.”

Nomad Mage is a project of E.I.C.C., Inc..

If you have questions about Nomad Mage, contact us.


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