Data Driven Decisions Meets Psychology

October 2017

Presented by Guido Jansen

Date: October 24, 2017
Time: 20:00 CDT

18:00 PDT, 3:00 CEST (Oct. 25), 2:00 BST (Oct. 25)
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This meeting is over, but you can still purchase the video.

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During the Nomadmage session, Guido will show you why psychology is important when you’re selling online, how to build an optimization team and talk about optimization culture. A lot of practical real-life experience will be shared and we will also get a peak into how Guido is experimenting with AI systems.

Guido Jansen

Guido Jansen

Besides his involvement with the Magento community since 2008, Guido utilizes his background in Psychology to help companies improve their understanding of their customers. He works on improving (online) communication and customer lifetime value and does this through building “customer intelligence teams” and embeds conversion optimization processed accross the online customer journey.

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