Fully-Automated Deployments with 0 Downtime in Magento 2.2


Presented by Juan Alonso (@Jalogut)

Date: December 19, 2017
Time: 20:00 CST

18:00 PST, 3:00 CET (Dec. 20), 2:00 GMT (Dec. 20)
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Don’t you have your deployments automated yet? Would you like to improve your release process but don’t know how? Magento 2 deployments require many steps and not having a reliable process can screw up your live server. This session will show you best practises for reliable and fully-automated deployments. You will also learn about great new features available on version 2.2, that finally make 0 downtime deployments possible. We will cover simple automation solutions, easy to integrate for everyone, as well as more advanced optimisations using a build server. After this session you will enjoy the grace of automatic deployments and save a lot of time and trouble.

Juan Alonso

Juan Alonso

Senior software engineer with expertise in backend development and DevOps. 2x Magento certified. I have been developing successful Magento Solutions since 2010. Proud of being part of this great community, my whole career has been linked to Magento. Passionate for modern technologies. Sharing knowledge and open source contribution is my way of life.

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