Laying REST to… rest? Pragmatic APIs with GraphQL

March 2018

Presented by Max Bucknell (@maxbucknell)

Date: March 20, 2018
Time: 20:00 CDT

18:00 PDT, 2:00 CET (Mar 21) 1:00 GMT (Mar 21),
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GraphQL has been a term in the industry for a little while, and it got a lot closer to home when Magento announced they would be building a GraphQL API for Magento 2.

…Great(!) But what is GraphQL? Is it like SQL? Is it like REST? How is this different? How is it better?

GraphQL is a new interaction layer for APIs, in the same class as REST, or SOAP. But its paradigm is a radical shift that makes it very pleasant to consume, enabling simpler and more performant highly customise front ends, including the upcoming Magento PWA Studio.

Over an hour or so, Max will walk through what GraphQL is, why Magento is including it in their platform, along with worked examples using the pre-release 2.3 version of Magento Open Source, so that when it lands, you’ll be ready to take advantage on day one.

Max Bucknell

Max Bucknell

Max is a lively developer and general nuisance who has been working in and around Magento since 2013. These days, Max is a senior developer at JH, where he helps to build complex ecommerce websites powered by Magento.

Outside of the ecommerce world, Max is a student of new technologies and old or weird programming languages, a recovering mathematician, a relapsed dungeon master and rugby fan.

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