Magento 2 Front-end Performance Tips & Tricks

September 2017

Presented by Bartek Igielski (@igloczek)

Date: September 26, 2017
Time: 20:00 CDT

18:00 PDT, 3:00 CEST (Sep 27), 2:00 BST (Sep 27)
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Performance matters and probably everyone hears that 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion, translating it to sales, potentially you are going to lose $2.5 million every year if your store is making $100.000 per day.

Even the best-optimized back-end solution can be ruined by the bunch of JavaScript libraries or even just not optimised images. It’s really easy to forget about front-end performance or let you clients ruin it just by adding unoptimized content and tons of tracking scripts.

I’ll show you a way to easily measure the Magento 2 front-end performance and how to find and eliminate bottlenecks. The talk will also cover common mistakes and show how different configuration options will affect page load and user experience.

Bartek Igielski

Bartek Igielski

Lead Front-end Developer at SNOW.DOG and the man standing behind Frontools and SASS theme for Magento 2.
Privately sleep addicted geek, possibly even nerd, new technology freak, science fan. Likes good music, medium-rare beef and doing unusual things, especially related to sports. Fascinated about design, UX, business, politics… maybe just whole world.


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