Magento2 Security Best Practices While Programming, Attacks Pattern Identification and Defense Strategies

February 2018

Presented by Riccardo Tempesta (@RicTempesta)

Date: February 20, 2018
Time: 20:00 CST

18:00 PST, 3:00 CET (Feb 21), 2:00 GMT (Feb 21)
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  • IT security and real life security compared
  • Main threats
  • How to avoid introducing bugs with bad programming
  • Code examples
  • Reporting a secuirty issue is our duty as Community contributors
  • Identify and prevent attack
  • Mage Report
  • Magento Security Scanner
  • Code patterns
  • Attack patterns analysis
  • Simulating attacks
  • Identifying attacks

Riccardo Tempesta

Riccardo Tempesta

Riccardo grew up on bread and computer science (his PC was a gift at the age of 6). Over time he became a developer with an exceptionally broad knowledge of the most disparate areas of the field. He has been with the Skeeller srl (former Idealia Group srl) since 2001 as a founder and technical director. The mainstay of the technical department for MageSpecialist, he is a senior analyst and software architect, Magento Specialist, senior PHP developer, and technical manager.

Riccardo started working with Magento solutions since early 2008 with the old 1.x version. After falling in love with this new technology he became Magento Certified developer and Certified developer focusing on developing and finding new Magento solutions. In 2015 he started working with Magento 2 and contributing with Magento Community.

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