The CRUD models are dead… Long live reusable database components!


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Presented by Ivan Chepurnyi ( @IvanChepurnyi )

November 16, 2016

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The tight coupling of the business logic to the way how you interact with the database introducing fragility and dependencies to particular database vendor. During the workshop you will learn how to abstract your database logic away and be independent from the actual RDBMS implementation.

Ivan Chepurnyi

Ivan is one of Magento’s original core developers, from early 2007, and now has over 9 years of experience in different areas of Magento development.

A long-time developer Ivan has developed on many large, high-profile projects including the original creation of Magento. During his time at Magento he developed an enormous amount of modules and customisations and has delved into every dark corner of functionality that Magento has to offer. He believes in community and so, with such vast knowledge in Magento he likes to share it in his blogs, talks, training and consultations, helping people to understand the complexities.