Increase Happiness and Reduce Profanity with Browser Testing


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Presented by Kevin Schroeder (@kpschrade)

September 20, 2016

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Usually when someone thinks about browser test automation they believe it will reduce their happiness and increase their profanity. That is often true. However, this talk will present some general starting points that can make browser testing almost enjoyable. You will learn that Xpaths do have a place in software development and how you can structure your HTML pages to make your browser testing easier to manage. Magium will be used as the base testing library, but the lessons will be applicable in almost any testing scenario.

Kevin Schroeder

Kevin Schroeder has more years of experience in consulting than he would like to admit. He was worked at several notable companies, including Zend as a consultant and evangelist and Magento as a consultant with the Expert Consulting Group. After getting his first taste in browser testing, he realized that the current tooling amounted to cruel and unusual punishment and founded the Magium open source project under his company, 10n Software. He currently consults on Magento, custom PHP, and Magium-based projects.


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