Service Contracts and Versioning in Magento 2


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Presented by Alan Kent (@akent99)

December 13, 2016

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The concept of service contracts was introduced in Magento 2 to better control the versioning of APIs to modules and to ensure more consistency between Web APIs and internal PHP APIs. This talk will cover the basics of service contracts, the Web API bindings to those APIs, and the benefits and challenges of versioning (including Semantic Versioning) in the Magento, extension developer, solution partner/merchant triad.

Alan Kent

Alan Kent

Alan Kent grew up in Australia working on building text database systems and solutions before moving to USA and joining eBay to run the search engine engineering team. After the successful launch of the new eBay search engine, he moved over to Magento in July 2013 to help with the integration of Magento into eBay Enterprise and the roll out of Magento 2. Alan is now Magento Chief Architect with responsibility for the technical alignment of all of the products in the growing Magento product range.